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Planning a show is a complicated process that begins with saying yes to things that you would really like to say no to. The way Larry likes to guide the initial meeting is to request that the person making the pitch just express the concept as they envision it and not think about the how, when, where, or how much. From that he is able to get the heart of what they want to accomplish and then to find ways to make it work within the confines of time, budget, house rules and labor conditions, local codes, and the laws of physics.

Some Video references

A massive undertaking in scale and coordination between three different groups and two directors
A Fortuna Carmina Burana

A large unique video wall designed by Larry for guest Choreographer Abdur Jackson
Abdur Jackson aGaIn fOr tHe fIrSt tImE

The most complete set design and the most fun that Larry had on a physical design
Vampires Ball